I’m From Driftwood: The cross-country story tour

"I'm from Driftwood" Creator Nathan Manske in hometown Brooklyn's McCarren Park

On Monday’s National Coming Out Day, we blogged about ten great gay youth groups that to help you get involved helping LGBT youth in a time when there has been a spate of gay youth suicides and anti-gay violence. There’s a great online resources as well: Nathan Manske‘s I’m From Driftwood, which features a series of inspiration stories of coming out in small-town America.

Manske is nearing the conclusion of an ambitious and timely cross-country story tourThis Friday the story tour will stop in San Francisco at the Castro’s Magnet health clinic for a reading before dashing off to Palm Springs, Las Vegas, Austin, Chicago and Detroit.

Check out all the upcoming destinations of the story tour.

Submit your own Driftwood story.

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