LGBTv: “We’re Here, We’re Queer, We’re Ready For Our Close Up”

The polyamorous relationship between the X-Men Phoenix, Wolverine, and Cyclops was explored during this year’s virtual Comic Con panel LGBTv.

Over the past couple of decades, as geek culture has increasingly crossed over into the mainstream, so has LGBTQ+ representation. What was once the realm of straight men and women is now populated by a diverse pantheon of queer characters – from the CW’s lesbian Batwoman and She-Ra’s gender fluid Double Trouble, to the polyamorous relationship between the X-Men’s Cyclops, Wolverine, and Jean Grey.

This year for the virtual iteration of Comic Con, these concepts were covered in the Prism Comics panel LGBTv: We’re Here, We’re Queer, We’re Ready for Our Close Up. Moderated Mike Ciriaco (WeHoTV News; Stonewall Prep) and featuring geek culture experts such as Ted Biaselli (Original Netflix Series), Erika Fermina (Girls Guts Glory), Sina Grace (Ghosted in L.A.; Persian Version, Iceman), John Paul Karliak (Batman: The Killing Joke; New Looney Tunes), David Reddish (Queerty, Sex, Drugs & Superheroes) and Max Spragovsky (Woof Galaxy; Crush: First Love, New Talent) this panel explored the new, non-heteronormative world of film, television, comic books, and video gaymes.

Queer culture IS geek culture.

Panelist Ted Biasell of Netflix original series discussed LGBT+ representation in production


Erika Fermina of the all-female Dungeons and Dragon campaign Girls.Guts. Glory discussed gender inclusion in D&D


Comic book writer Sina Grace discussed polyamory in X-Men


Voice actor John Paul Karliak discussed queer representation in the She-Ra reboot


Queerty editor David Reddish discussed the CW’s lesbian Batwoman


Comic book writer Max Spragovsky discussed queer representation in the video gayme The Last of Us part 2