Updated: Gay prides of color


Ok, so these boys don’t look like they are struggling, exactly. But behind flamboyant pride celebrations are some serious battles for legal and social equality, especially in racial & ethnic minority communities, and the genius of pride is that it manages to celebrate the struggle.

Year by year the growing number of ethnic pride celebrations help make LGBT issues more visibible in communities of color. From Boston Latinos to Atlanta African-Americans and Asian-Pacific Islanders in San Francisco, the voice of racial and ethnic minority queers is louder than ever and their pride events are among the most spirited.

In Portland, Oregon, Latino Gay Pride takes place June 4. Themed “La Lucha/The Struggle,” this weekend-long celebration features a Friday night Papis Dance Party, women’s networking brunch and huge Sunday festival.

May 21-25 marks DC Black Pride Weekend events featuring the first ever Mr. and Ms. DC Black Pride pageant.

The 5th annual Charlotte Black Gay Pride takes place July 16-19 at the CBGP Hotel.

For more prides across the globe, check out our full events calendar

Photo by poldavo

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  • panayioties

    I Like The Gay Pride Parades In Boston Tell Me When Is The Parade In Boston & Portland
    ME. Thank You Peter C. Pitarys

  • jerzy

    Please come to boston she says no…..

  • queencityboy

    Charlotte will be having it’s 5th annual black gay pride in July. Our pride is OK to be frank. The main gay pride, I think, is so much more fun. The black pride is mostly concentrated behind closed doors at various clubs and house parties. This bible belt thing and the black culture keeps it from being all that it can be. I think it’s time for these beautiful chocolate children to come out into the open and have a real pride for who they are! Come out from behind Adam4Adam yall and let’s live our lives now and forever!! We’ve been hiding way too damn long!