Sexy ‘Swan Lake’ is on tour again, please do yourself a favor and see it

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Mathew Bourne’s “Swan Lake,” music by Tchaikovsky. Photos by Johan Persson.

Yet again proving that GMA host and Mean Girl Lara Spencer does not know what she’s talking about, the hottest thing to happen to ballet in our generation is coming to the U.S.—and the dancers are a lot of men, wearing nothing but feathers.

Swan Lake,” as choreographed by artistic genius Mathew Borne, reinvents the 19th century ballet with a contemporary twist, with all of the traditional ballerina-swan roles danced by an ensemble of shirtless men.

Dark, dramatic, and very sexy, the production reinvents what “ballet” should look like, as the formality of classical dance has been stripped away to reveal lots of skin and drama.

This tour is not the first staging of Bourne’s masterpiece. His “Swan Lake” premiered in 1995 and became an international sensation as it toured the world, setting performance records for both New York’s Broadway and London’s West End theaters and winning a few Tony Awards in the process. 

The 2019-2020 tour is already underway in China, and will arrive in Los Angeles in December of this year, with dates in Washington, D.C. and New York in early 2020.

Mathew Bourne’s “Swan Lake,” music by Tchaikovsky. Photos by Johan Persson.

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