Beach Buns: Top 10 Gay Nude Beaches Worldwide

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UPDATED: MAY 17, 2011

1. Provincetown: Herring Cove Beach (Video by TenFortySeven)

While it is technically illegal to disrobe here, the National Park Service generally looks the other way, and you should be able to cover up quickly in a pinch. The dunes are infamous for cruising and connecting, so don’t wander off the beaten path unless you are looking for some trouble!

2. Saint Martin: Club Orient Beach

The crowd ranges from slim to, well, the opposite, making everyone feel welcome. Mixed straight and gay, beach-goers tend to be from the US and Europe with a smattering of locals.

3. Cape Town: Sandy Bay (Photo by tipsfortravellers)

The water is cold (this is the Atlantic, not the Indian, ocean) and it can get windy, so make sure you bring more than your body heat.

4. Rio de Janeiro: Copacabana

Not technically a nude beach, but home to the tiniest bikinis and speedos in the world – leaving little to the imagination.

5. San Francisco: Baker Beach

The north end of Baker Beach that attracts a gay (and mixture of birthday and bathing suited) crowd. The beach makes up for the often foggy weather with stunning views of the Golden Gate Bridge, raising above the cool gray shroud. And don’t despair, even the SF fog can’t hide the monuments closer at hand.

6. Lisbon: Beach 19

Stop 19 is where the nude beach starts. Walk down the hill, past the not-gay naked bodies and railroad tracks and you’ll run right into semi-naked gay bodies basking in the seemingly endless sun.

7. Hawaii: Little Beach

Little Beach is a popular nude beach and on the far side you’ll find the gays free-balling it up in the blistering Hawaiian sun. Get a cute guy to lather you up with sunscreen.

8. Copenhagen: Bellevue Beach (Photo via hdsport)

A pleasant bike ride or a few minutes by train will give you great sand, plenty of grass for relaxing or ball games and a good view of Sweden. The north area is where the gays and nudists let it all hang out. Great for people-watching too.

9. Sydney: Lady Jane Beach (Photo by blairstirrett)

For beautiful surroundings (not to mention the gorgeous landscape), head out to Lady Jane Beach on a sunny afternoon. Eye candy awaits, and maybe even a free sample if you get lucky.

10. San Diego: Black’s Beach

Probably the most famous nude beach in America, Black’s Beach is also San Diego’s popular gay destination—imagine that.



  • vancouveramazon

    Please don’t over look Wreck Beach in Vancouver, BC – Canada. While the beach is not exclusively gay, there is parts of it where we congregate. Beautiful natural setting at the base of a cliff. Beware the climb back up! 🙂 Vendors are there to provide various food and “drink” options.

  • gefen53

    Been to a few nude beaches….Hallouver Beach in Miami, Fire Island in NYC and Toronto Island….I am not sure why they arn’t listed here. Just some interesting things I noticed at these three……In Toronto most of the gay boys are not nude !! Its the straight crowd that gets naked !! I can’t figure that one out …lol
    In NYC at Fire Island the best spot to go to is the beach near the lighthouse, not The pines or other exclusuive gay areas. I had much much fun and plenty of gay nudes to admire….Finally Hallouver beach …what can I say, Its Florida and the crowds are going to be there all the time, never a letdown.

  • sonoflaw

    It is hard to believe you didn’t include Houlover Park Beach between Miami and Ft Lauderdale, Fl. It is about 50/50 gay and straight people at this “officially approved” nude beach. and at least half of the people on a typical summer day are nude – or more.
    They are even listed as holding the largest “skinny dip” in Guinness World Records. Then after a day of fun in the sun, there are dozens of bars in Miami, Ft Lauderdale, and South Beach to party. What more could you ask for? Well you could wish for a place to slip off into the bushes for a quicky, but there are clubs and bars for that.

  • ak_cruiser

    I cannot see how Herring Cove Beach made #1, maybe in the top ten but I think both Wreck Beach in Vancouver, Haulover between Miami and Ft. Lauderdale are both much better gay beaches. On the day I went out to Herring Cove Beach, which was over the 4th of July weekend it seemed very mixed, not much nudity. The waves were very small, and the sand flies numerous and they bite. Make sure you take bug spray when going to Herring Cove Beach and be prepared, it is quite a hike!

  • hunkman.leatherbound

    YEAH I agree w ak_cruiser……
    Herring Cove is number 1? reallly? I’m kind of surpised but I’m also glad since I live close to the area so that’s cool.
    I’ve been to other beachers that I’ve enjoyed more, but that’s probably cuz I like more people (Herring can be sparsely populated at times, but then again that can be a good thing..) and I like more nudity, take it OFF dudes!! Not everyone is nude, (well, not everyone should be either)
    Also it’s true that Herring is a HIKE, literally. To get to the beach U do have to do some walking thru a winding path, thru dunes & the usual beach stuff..(like lube, etc, LOL) it’s not like you drive right up & get out of the car & you’re on the beach..but that’s a nice aspect about it’re not visible to the road, parking lot, nothing but beach/dunes..walking cars going by, it is nice.

    Most locals or people staying in town ride bikes to the beach & there is a place at the beginning of the “hiking path” where you can park & lock yur’s great biking around the area..awesome bike trails all over the Cape. (Cape Cod has tons of great biking trails)
    I never see a lot of nudity there either. cummon guys, if ya got it show it..we don’t mind :)-
    It’s also true that going off the beaten path may lead you to some surprises which can be really nice and HOT : 0
    It can make the hike well worth it! I actually love to stroll along the dunes, catch the sights, meet friendly people..if you get my drift…wink wink..that can be real fun..can’t wait for next summer already! More fun in the sun and sand!~! Yeah..gotta luv the beach….I sure do..

  • oscarraymundo

    Hey guys! Thanks so much for your input, but just to make sure – it’s not a ranking as much as a round-up. All these places are so steamy, sandy, sexy fun, I don’t think it’s possible to assign them numbers.

    If you think your favorite nude beach is missing, let us know!

  • gary_j_69

    Cassurina Free Beach in Darwin is Well Worth a Mention also

  • pauliewood

    Halouver in Florida is one of the only LEGAL gay nude beaches in the country. How did you overlook this? Just going for the advertising bucks?

  • nickmat

    I am surprised Il Bucc Beach (The Hole), outside Rome, Italy didn’t make the list! Lots of naked Italian men (and gay!).

    Take a 30-40 minute drive off to Uscita 27 (Exit 27 from the Racordo-Circumferencial Road of Rome). This heads to Ostia. From Uscita 27, take Via Cristoforo Colombo, then head for Castel Fusano by taking Litoranea. Litoranea is actually the park that is dedicated to the Pres. of the Republic and off limits to the public. However, along that beach line are also the public beaches.

    There are 8 gates, you can choose which you want to take, all lead to the public beaches. Should you wish to go further, you will head for the Brazilian beach (famous for topless women) and Il Buco, the gay nudist beach as well.

  • pluto

    y would u right top 10 gay nood beaches when clearly only 1 of them is nude and most of them are mixed u fuckwit!

  • pluto

    y would you say top ten gay nude beaches when clearly not all of them are nude snd some mixed? doosh

  • Ian33324flanders

    where is haulover beach in maimi florida and sandy hook in nj  both very popular beaches and legally nude 

  • Davidrlfiels

     Particlarly Boring article and pictures. Layout appears to have been made for timid straight viewers.  Haulover near Ft. Lauderdale and Miami should have been on the list.  

  • Ianseph

    I think some one somewhere doesn’t get the idea of a ‘nude’ beach – it’s a beach at which you can go ‘nude’ – duh! How can you have a beach at number one on which it is technically illegal to disrobe – are you mad? Several of the beaches you list in the top ten aren’t ‘nude’ beaches or don’t legally permit nudity. Get real! Where’s Playa D’es Cavallet in Ibiza – a beach that has been an exclusively gay and ‘nude’ beach for approaching fifty years. You really ought to look beyond your own shores a bit more!

  • Mganderson60

    You put semi-nude beaches in, but leave out a great gay nude beach at Haulover Beach between Miami and Ft. Lauderdale.  It is one of my favorites

  • Cresive

    Really missed out without a mention of Haulover Beach, which is nicer than half the beaches that made the list.  

  • Rayzort100

     We have been to Herrings Cove many a year but be very cautious as the Rangers do crack down and give out tickets. They have become more aggressive in their vigilance for any kind of sex. You will be arrested. They also entrap gay men by posing as tourists. I witnessed it myself. Unfortunately it is illegal and its not true that they will look the other way. I despise the attitude of the Fed. Gov’t and their ridiculous campaign to  make nude sun-bathing a crime. It’s too bad because Herrings Cove is beautiful. Go to Gunnison’s Beach at Sandy Point in New Jersey. It is safe, legal and a better attitude toward nude sun-bathing. Though they their is zero tolerance for any kind of sex. Yes their are straights but who cares? 

  • Anonymous

    Blacks beach is a good mention, all gay if your in the right section, all nude usually, good job. Figured I’d put in some good comments since everyone’s being so harsh. I’d say good mix of age too, I’m 22 and usually see others my age.

  • Anonymous

    had alot of sex on gay beaches

  • Anonymous

    ALL I CAN SAY IS “YUMMMMMMMMMMM :_):) ” 🙂 HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jopoupette11

    i like

  • Ovalgy

    Copenhagen, Lisbon, seriously?!?!? Maspalomas number 7 in Gran Canaria, Canay Islands, Spain, is the gayest nudest beach in Europe, with the dunes for hot sex just 100 feet from the water and a great climate all year around

  • Roger

    Any place where Gay  nude Guy at

  • Roger

    I live in Wisc. Where i like to meet a Gay Person around the Milewaukee Area

  • chad

    would really like to visit there one day

  • carlchappell

    beautiful scenery-beautiful guy

  • Nicknack32

    I agree, canaries are the best for nude gay beach. Tenerife has a nice little gay section for nudism and frollics in the dunes.

  • Tommyvert

    Neigther here nor there. Where is Gran Canaria Maspalomas dunes, french L’Espiguette, Playa del Hombre Muerte near Barcelona, Es Cavaletes at Ibiza – these all will easily beat  Provincetown, Copacabana, Baker Beach and Lisbon 

  • Dan Gaute

    You know that copenhagen is the capitol of Denmark right ?

  • Bob McDonald

    If you look good enough who cares?

  • Bob McDonald

    See yourself nude and disagree?

  • Johnnybi

    You shouldn’t leave out the nude beach at Brighton, UK – a pebble beach but full of guys on a hot day, and men make out in the bushes behind or in the many gay venues in town.

  • cracker

    The author of this article is obviously not well travelled and as such has written a misleading article. Please visit gran canaria and sitges

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