Wren Britton on WorldPride: “We have so much further to go for equality”

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Wren Britton hanging out at Stonewall Memorial Park

“Acceptance Matters” is a series of interviews with locals during WorldPride month in New York City.

Wren Britton (He/Him) is a Queens, New York jewelry designer for Purevile!, DJ, and freelance window merchandiser.

Wren was photographed and interviewed by Ames Beckerman.

What’s your pride style?
My look is dark with a twist. It’s seriously spooky but doesn’t take itself too seriously.

What does pride at 50 mean to you?
Pride means being proud of how far we’ve come but also realizing how much further we have to go in the fight for equality and inclusivity.

How are you planning to celebrate this year?
I’ve been attending the pride parade in New York City since I was 18 years old, and this year is no different. I’m also looking forward to seeing Cyndi Lauper perform at the legendary Piers.

How are you trying to practice love and acceptance this pride season?
By remembering we are all one family and we are in this together. Celebrating our differences and continuing to learn and to grow is my goal.

Interviews and photos by Ames Beckerman