Lucas Murnaghan’s ‘Beneath the Surface’ explores male vulnerability

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Lucas Murnaghan beneath the surface

Lucas Murnaghan, 42, is an orthopedic surgeon, triathlete, and entrepreneur. And that’s all before we even get out of bed in the morning.

For our purposes here, he’s also an accomplished photographer who just published a collection of extraordinary images in book form, Beneath The Surface. His work is exhibited in galleries in his hometown of Toronto and beyond.

As a diver himself, Lucas believes going underwater allows his photos “a heightened level of intimacy and removes traditional constraints and conventions and frees his subjects of their earthbound conceptions and societal norms. With the rules changed, they are liberated to explore themselves in a parallel universe and express what lies beneath.”

Lucas also shared with a GayCities a special inside look at highlights from the book.

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