This Howard Hughes-built Palm Springs resort will leave you feeling like a millionaire

Walking onto the property at El Mirasol Villas in Palm Springs is like taking a step back in time.

The clothing-option gay resort was originally built by Howard Hughes in the ’40s and the owners have kept the elegance alive through the years.

Spanish-style paved walkways guide guests to multiple pools, an outdoor shower, fountains and a eucalyptus steam room. Spacious rooms offer a cooler space to relax, but the outside patio areas and beautiful grounds let you soak up the sunshine and mingle with other guests.

Breakfast is served daily next to one of the pools. Take your coffee outside and relax under an umbrella or stay inside in the lounge area and catch up on the morning news.

When the owners invited my husband and me to visit and relax for a few days, we weren’t sure what to expect. Would it be outdated or modern? And what would the other guests be like?

Our suite had a full kitchen with modern appliances and microwave, linens, and a plethora of entertainment options if you choose to spend some time indoors.

As my husband and I wandered the resort and met other guests, one thing became quickly apparent. The property attracts repeat visitors. Everyone except one person had stayed there before.

“The staff takes good care of me here,” John, a guest from Milwaukee told us. “I’ve been coming here at least once a year for ten years now. This is where I come to relax.”

But Andrew, a guest from Asia, was a first-timer. He said he found the resort comfortable as he lounged with us by the hot tub making small talk. He said he wasn’t sure what to expect, but after seeing the sophisticated grounds and aesthetic landscaping, he wouldn’t hesitate to come back the next time he was in the country.

And it’s true that the friendly staff really do give the place it’s unique character. The longtime owners, Paul and Bruce, are goodnatured and obviously care about the property. They mingle and chat with guests, but are also wise enough to know when it’s best to allow some space.

And isn’t that what you’re looking for when you stay at a clothing-optional resort?

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