PHOTOS: Sexy South Korean gay guys emerge from the shadows

Liam Campbell is editor of the indie print mag, Elska.

On a recent trip to Seoul, a city of ten million, the talented photographer captured a bunch of regular gay guys hanging out in the coolest ‘hoods, showing off their best street styles. There’s not a lot of commentaries to accompany the photos, but each speaks a thousand words as the South Korean community is breaking down closet doors in a country that is perhaps not quite ready to embrace them wholeheartedly.

The nation has decriminalized homosexuality but so far has not recognized same-sex relationships.

Here’s how Liam explains his vision:

Elska is a project all about introducing readers to a diverse cross-section of men from LGBTQ communities around the world through honest photography and personal storytelling. Reading each of our issues is like travelling to a city, meeting some locals, and getting to know them.
Unique to Elska is our complete lack of curation – rather than search for celebrities or recruit models, we have an open call for participants and fill our issues first come, first served. That’s why you’ll see a much wider range of ages, races, bodies and voices here compared to mainstream gay media yet without employing tokenism or trend-following. That means that you may well find a model-type fit white boy with a porn star dick next to an older, thicker, browner guy with a full bush and a normal-sized cock.

Everybody is welcome is Elska and they’re all beautiful is their different kinds of ways.

Here is a sampling of that beauty