These sexy photos will make it impossible not to check out San Francisco’s Folsom Street Fair

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As summer wanes, the people of San Francisco come together once again for the world famous–and infamous–Folsom Street Fair. Launched in 1984, the festival became an international sensation, attracting 400,000 guests and rising each year.

And no wonder. Folsom is s a celebration of the BDSM and leather subculture, and features demonstrations all sorts of healthy and happy fetishism. That includes exhibitionism, which helped draw in even more folks curious about BDSM, and perhaps more than a few who want to try a bit themselves.

Folsom Street Fair runs on September 30, on Folsom Street between 8th & 13th street.

1. The Boys

2. The Leather

3. The Booths

4. The Shorts

5. The Crowd