PHOTOS: 50 unforgettable Pride moments of liberation from this season’s parades

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Prides across the world reported larger crowds than ever, which meant lines to join marches and get into rallies in places like San Francisco and Los Angeles. (And we don’t mean Trump exaggerations!)

This year had a decidedly political tone. But jubilant celebrations reminded us all that there’s hope in numbers. And Pride season is hardly over. Check out the GayCitie Pride calendar.

See GayCities’ Top 50 Pride moments so far this year.

1. No More Lies — San Francisco 

2. I really do care, do u? — New York City

3. I adore my lesbian daughters — New York City

4. Kiss me I’m gay — Nashville

5. Apple’s gay CEO marching in Parade — San Francisco 

6. My son is gender creative and fabulous — Miami Beach

7. I hope you know how loved you are — Toronto

8. Amsterdam Rainbow Dress promoting awareness of homo-, bi- and transphobia. — San Francisco 

9. We are not a brand to be sold — San Francisco 

10. I Do — New York City

11. Abolish Ice — San Francisco 

12. Lena Waithe’s MET Gala rainbow cape goes graphic t-shirt — San Francisco

13. Fag Hag against Fascism — New York City

14. Queers Proud — Toronto 

15. Reunite Families — San Francisco 

16. We refuse to be invisible — New York City

17. All Families Matter — Chicago

18. No Shame — Twin Cities

19. My son has made me a better man — Chicago

20. Shoot loads not guns — New York City

21. Orgasm is a human right — San Francisco

22. Trans Lives Matter — Chicago

23. Go Vegan for Earth’s — San Francisco

24. We proudly support bun on bun & dog on dog — Chicago

25. Love wins — Toronto

26. Beautiful, badass & bisexual — San Francisco

27. I love my trans son — Toronto

28. Stand up and stand out — New York City

29. It’s not a witch hunt — New York City

30. Proud Pants — San Francisco 

31. Fun bus — New York City

32. More love, less hate — San Francisco 

33. Who gave you permission to be so cute? — New York City

34. Stop stealing our haircuts — New York City

35. We do care we vote — Chicago

36. No bigotry, hatred, or prejudice allowed … Reminder: It’s 2018. — New York City

37 & 38. Oh no everyone is so hot & Best Bi — Twin Cities

39 & 40. I’m mommy, she’s mama & I’m mama, she’s mommy — Twin Cities

41. Standing tall — Denver

42. Spread love — St. Petersburg

43. Love has no gender — San Francisco

44. Love comes in every color — New York City

45. God has no religion — Miami Beach

46. Glittering with pride — San Francisco

47. Know your history — Portland

48. Jesus has pride — Milwaukee

49. Animals don’t discriminate — Central Alabama

50. Fear & hatred of “aliens” and queers is illogical — San Francisco