Meet Xavier Smith, go-go boy and your Seattle Pride Guru

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We’ve poked around for Pride Gurus in major metro areas around the world, and got them to open up about their hometowns and their tips for making the most of the season.

One of our favorites Xavier from Seattle. This is what the go-go boy had had to share about pride in his hometown pride.

What are you working on? I’m expanding my go-go dancing passion while preparing to start flight school.

Fantasy travel destinations? I would love to visit Brazil, the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Spain, Japan, South Korea–pretty much the whole world!

What are your favorite gay bars? I’d have to say Monkey Loft and R Place. R place has go-go boys and always a great vibe for everyone. Monkey loft is awesome because of their rooftop dance floor and the fact that they stay open during the summer till like 8 in the morning. No joke! They both have 3 floors too.

Best cocktail? The special drink one of my fave bartenders, Dave at R Place, makes me.

What are the best places to eat?

The Shop” in SODO. It’s a gathering place where motorheads in Washington come together and have big car/motorcycle meets the 3rd Wednesday of every month and eat greasy foods. Another would be Rancho Bravos. An authentic place to enjoy large portion Mexican food on the run.

At Rancho, I order the Rancho Burrito, and at The Shop, I’d order a side of fries and bacon.

What makes Seattle Pride special? 

Our city has been growing faster than other cities in the past years and has become very diverse. So that being said, empowerment will come to those who visit from places not as proactive as us. They will see how we exist together and celebrate our privilege to be ourselves as it should be everywhere.

Which Pride party is a must?

Capital Hill Block Party.

What’s the best spot to watch the parade that most people don’t know about?

On your friend’s shoulders!

Photos courtesy of Xavier Smith