Brooklyn DJs on a mission to create a more inclusive LGBTQ party scene

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For Christopher Logan and Sam Coffie, DJ life is all about unity. And for Faith Lift Party, their vibrant monthly dance event in Brooklyn’s hipster ‘hood Bedstuy, gospel music meets house music. The duo are on a mission to redefine the way we celebrate diversity.

Everyone is welcome on “the FLP side” and this month’s disco/ funk/classic soul party, “I Have A Dream,” is scheduled for Sunday, January 14th, at Brooklyn’s C’mon Everybody (325 Franklin Avenue).

For I Have A Dream, FLP will welcome Brazilian guest DJ KEV/UNDR and activist/poet Phoenix Nastasha Russell. The guys have also created special mixes merging inspirational speeches to house music.

Guests will enjoy the aroma of frankincense and myrrh oil and, in the spirit of southern gospel, hand fans will be given out to cool off. Tambourines will set the tone and the DJs will define it.

GayCities talked to the FLP boys, who acknowledge that while they’re not a romantic couple they are even more: friends in faith and fun for life.

DJ Logan’s Run

Name: Christopher Logan/DJ Logan’s Run

Age: 40

Where do you live?  Bedstuy, Brooklyn

Sexual identity: It varies, gay, pansexual, I’m just about love!

Favorite travel destination so far? Spain. The food, the sights, the music, and the boys were all spectacular.

Dream travel destination? A residency DJing in Thailand sounds like a nice goal for 2018!

Name: Sam Coffie/DJ BGRZR (“Bear-Gayzer”)

Age: 33

Where do you live? Bedstuy

Sexual identity? Gay, but being single in NYC makes you feel asexual at times!

Favorite travel destination so far? Seoul, South Korea. I love shopping at Doota Mall and Garosu-gil (“Tree Line Street”). I loved the Shilla Stay Hotel because they make the best omelettes. I want to DJ in Seoul. DEEP HOUSE AND SOJU!

Q: How did you two meet?

DJ BRGZR: Chris and I have been friends for nine years and he’s like my family. He’s stuck with me! 

Q: How did FLP get started?

DJ Logan’s Run: Growing up in the early 2000’s in Miami and now living in New York, I feel I have really truly seen a lot in the party scene. One aspect that I felt was missing, especially in Queer culture, was one of celebrating spirituality. Faith Lift Party is a movement, a feeling, and a connection with our community and allies.

Q: What makes FLP diverse?

DJ BRGZR: I want to create a place where we connect with sound, heart, and mind. Sweat away our judgments and leave feeling lifted. We want our party to foster optimism and community. We want to allow queer and allies to commune side by side, step by step, beat by beat.


Q: Describe an FLP party.

DJ BRGZR:  It’s all inclusive and on that Bjork tip — ALL IS FULL OF LOVE. Our scene is becoming much more varied party by party. House heads from the days of Paradise garage. Poets to trans activists, all the way down to your favorite cousin or auntie. I love to see my younger black and brown queers, avant-garde peers, and everyone on the spectrum.

Q: Who are some of your musical influences?

DJ Logan’s Run: Jody Watley, Jasper Street Company, anything by Vega Records, Ann Nesby, Tata Vega. I’m obsessed with freestyle artists like Connie, George Lamond, Lil’ Suzy. Motown and Funk. Chromeo. I’m always on the hunt for great percussion.

DJ BRGZR: Jamie Principle is my spirit animal. Frankie Knuckles, Larry Levan, Emmanuel Top, Herbert, Fingers Inc., Sylvester, Bjork, La Chat… there’s waaaay too many to name.

Q: How did you decide to bring gospel music to the LGBTQ dance floor?

DJ Logan’ Run: Most LGBTQ dance anthems are usually ones of soul or gospel influence. I felt it was time to actually showcase and applaud the artists creating the music that our community gravitates and connects to. This is music that lifts you up and turn you out! Listen to the words, there’s a message there.

Q: Is there anything else we should know about the I Have A Dream party on Jan 14?

DJ Logan’s Run: Each month I create a video for the venue and this month will feature civil rights leaders and rare footage. You don’t wanna miss it. We’ll save a spot for you on the dance floor!

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Photos courtesy of Christopher Logan, Sam Coffie, and Faith Lift Party