The brand new GayCities is here: updated, mobile-friendly, easier and personalized

gaycities-2017-redesign-new-site-homepageI love to travel. And I especially love to find myself in unfamiliar cities, whether for work or vacation. But before I started GayCities, it was too difficult to figure out where to go: the best LGBTQ-friendly bars, awesome restaurants and hotels.

Why did I have to flip through TripAdvisor decoding messages like “there were a lot of men there” to know where to go? I wanted a place to find not just up-to-date listings of great, welcoming places and experiences but also review by people like me. I started GayCities to give us all such a place–and it quickly caught on: GayCities has become the most popular site and iPhone travel app in our market, with nearly half a million monthly readers, 750,000 app downloads and 223 city guides with thousands of listings of places and events across the globe.

As your travel habits have changed over the years since I launched the site, we’ve tried to evolve along with you. But it’s been a while since we really gave it a full refresh. So today I am thrilled to announce the brand new GayCitiesWe’ve updated the design in a big way (and made it mobile friendly) while making it even easier to find the best places to go, stay and eat worldwide. Anything from a long vacation to a night out on the town is just a few clicks away.

My big hope for the new GayCities is to help you get to the best places and events even quicker:

  • gaycities-2017-redesign-new-site-reviewsReviewing places is super easy – at a loss for words? now, just check a few checkboxes to share what you love or hate about the place
  • Rating a place is easier too – click the heart to Like a place, or a broken heart to say you don’t like it.
  • Photos, photos, photos – we’ve upgraded our photo galleries and added more photos of places in every city
  • Search is now 1000% better – easier to find places and cities
  • We updated thousands of listings, making sure we’re more and more up-to-date
  • New city? Sign-in to find places your friends like: where they have been and where they are going
  • Looking for where to go tonight? See where your friends are going out (for those of you who sign-in with Facebook)
  • Bigger maps to find where that place is
  • Looks great on your mobile device

And we’re just getting started. Please take a minute to check out the new site and leave your feedback. We want to make GayCities into everything you’d like it to be.

Go check out the brand new GayCities

–Scott Gatz, Founder & CEO, Q.Digital (GayCities, Queerty & LGBTQ Nation)

P.S.  I know some of you had issues with the site and the app in the last few weeks, getting the new site up caused a bunch of issues along the way.  I appreciate your patience and thank you for letting me know, we’re working non-stop to address all the feedback, so keep it coming.

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  • JJ Keyes

    Congratulations, Scott & the whole GC team, looks beautiful!

  • Drew Gibson

    Here is my first experience:
    Went to the site. None of the cities in North America were in alphabetical order nor were they organized by state. I tried to find Nashville and couldn’t. I finally found Ptown but as soon as I clicked on something it said I needed to sign in to continue. It gave me 3 choices; Facebook, four square and sign up. No place for me to sign in using my old information. The site then froze and there was no way for me to go back other than to close it and start over.
    Thumbs down. Not user friendly at all.