What Is The Gayest ‘Hood In The World? You Decide.

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They say LGBTQ ‘hoods are a thing of the past, overtaken by gentrification and straight people.

We beg to differ. We may have dispersed across cities and into smaller towns, and even to the burbs (think marriage equality) but our favorite gayborhoods not only survive but thrive.

Which is city boasts the best, according to you, LGBTQ traveler? Which would you recommend to the world?

Andersonville, Chicago?

SOMA, San Francisco?

Vauxhall, London?

Wynwood, Miami?

Silverlake, LA?

Brooklyn, NY?

Vote “Hot Gayborhood” and for all your favorites in the annual Best of GayCities.

You could win a trip for two.

Anyone can win. But you must be a GayCities member to be entered to win. The more you vote, the more entries you receive.


Polls close December 15, 2016. You must be a US resident to win the prize. See the complete rules.


  • Anonymous

    Wtf list is this? Andersonville, not Boystown? SOMA, not the Castro? Wynwood, not South Beach? Silver Lake, not WeHo? “Brooklyn” as a single monolithic entity? And not Chelsea or Hell’s Kitchen?

  • Anonymous

    The “world” ? But there’s only American cities, hello!?

  • Anonymous

    Americans think USA is the world, nothing new. They arleady stole the name of the Continent. Poor lonely London

  • Anonymous

    lol why would SOMA be more gay than the castro. I live in the castro and can assure you we are still far gayer

  • Anonymous

    how about the quite literally named “GAYBORHOOD” in Philadelphia?

  • Anonymous

    Seriously – Barcelona, Sydney, Beriin, Amsterdam, Tel Aviv, Mykonos, Vancouver – any number of cities that are much more gay and are much more gay tolerant than America

  • Anonymous

    so, so lame and your contest is only open to Americans. yawn.

  • Anonymous

    Oxford St/Paddington, Sydney, Australia

  • Anonymous

    I’m so proud Austin doesn’t have a gayborhood. Hasn’t needed one in decades and still doesn’t!!!

  • Anonymous

    Lack of a gayborhood isn’t something to be proud of. Enjoy your assimilation.

  • Anonymous

    SOMA, San Francisco? WTF? The Castro is THE gay neighborhood in San Francisco. While it is technically south of Market Street, it is not SOMA.

  • Anonymous

    WTF is this? Wynwood are you serious? South Florida has South beach and Wilton Manors which is almost exclusively gay.

  • Anonymous

    Retitle this “In America” so you stop looking like idiots.