Out of Hibernation: Fur Trap Hits Guernville

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You know spring is here when the bears come out of hibernation–and converge on the sleepy Russian River. Known for its “alternative proclivities-”–there’s a couple of gay bars on the four block main stretch of town–this weekend will kicks off the season of flotsam in the pool filter and filled-to-the-max restaurants.

GayCities caught up with DJ PeePlay, who is hosting the Bears Love HNY Saturday pool party with 150 of his closest Facebook Friends, as well as Bear Diva Extraordinaire LadyBear who will be leading a parade down the Main Street on Sunday.

Hi! Are you so excited for the opening of the R.R. summer season?

DeeJayPeePlay: Hi GayCities! I can’t wait! I have missed all my daddies by the river, and am dying to get reacquainted!

You are such a slut! Is that why the bears love honey so much?

PeePlay:I actually think that what the bears really love is our commitment to the music. Bears are proud, self-proclaimed nerds for so many things. While we might not flip out over technology or comic books, we do geek out like crazy for music.

What are you most excited about for the weekend?

PeePlay:Well, the HNY Pool Party at the RRR will be a ton of fun, but I am really looking forward to both Bearacudda underwear party and the Electronic Music Bears Pool Party on Sunday. Bearacudda just gets filthy, which I love, and at EMB some of the artists on our compilation album are performing. It’s gonna be fresh.

To be honest, I think what I am most looking forward to is the LadyBear Parade after-party in my hotel room, if you know what I mean.

LadyBear: I’m sure I will be invited to that, Peeplay! I don’t what everyone is making such a big deal about, I am just planning to walk down the street. This whole parade thing gets so tiring. Can’t a girl walk from the RRR to the Taco Truck and then down to the Rainbow Cattle Co. all whilst working a fierce Joan Collins Dynasty Pool Party Look? I only have enough room in my one-piece for a $4 taco, a bottle of Jack Daniels and a bag of cocaine, okay! Sarongs don’t have pockets!

WOW! That sounds like an epic stroll! Not sure you will be able to find your way home.

LadyBear: Well, if I can encourage one little hairy tranny to march with her head held high, I will know I have succeeded.

You both really can’t wait to get your fill this weekend! Are you concerened that your bear summer fantasy will be dashed now that Lazy Bear Weekend isn’t happening?

PeePlay:No, I am thinking that I will just have to go to Proveincetown Bear Weekend instead.

LadyBear : I’m on that plane, honey.

Looks like yet another voyage on the GayCities private jet. Until then, soak up the sun.

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LadyBear Glamour Photo courtesy of WernerImages

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