PHOTOS: Stoli Guy Serves It Up In Beantown

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It was Stoli underwear weather in Boston at the live Most Original Stoli Guy event at Machine. With a memorable opening performance by Violencia!–in addition of the the stunning voices and jaw-dropping dance moves the contestants showcased–there wasn’t a dull moment. Winner Matt L (pictured above) danced his way across the stage and onto a table lathered with glitter in his most original underwear.

Celebrity radio personality Fast Freddy Murphy made snippy funny comments throughout, with DJ Ian Driver as the Simon Cowell of the night. Whether it was what was thrown to into the crowd or what was on (and off) the six contestants, everybody went home with lots of red Stoli Andrew Christian underwear.

Take a peek at some of the action below, and get at all of the Boston event photos here.

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    There’s always going to be fags that will sell other gays out. They are ugly shit splatters on the rainbow.

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    Notice there is a direct link from Queerty to here and no comments allowed on Queerty’s website. Such a shame you guys are still selling out and supporting Stoli. Hope they pay well