PHOTOS: Guys Get Muddy At Out-Fit New York

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A Summer 5K LGBT obstacle course is just as fun and challenging as it sounds. Sweaty, muddied bodies competed in the first ever National LGBT 5K Run in New York last month, with the next event in Chicago on the horizon. 

Click through to see photos of Out-Fit New York.


  • Stephen

    This guy is a Sean Cody “model”

  • Stephen

    By this guy, I mean photo #3

  • Louis

    Wow…way to really focus on everyone doing the race…lame

  • Kyle

    Are all the guys porn stars or only just Sean Cody’s Brandon? 🙂

  • MrRedKB

    So, like 10 people were in this race?

  • LameRe-Promo

    I was in that race and those first photos were the promo shots prior to registration. No even got anywhere near that muddy.

  • Jeff Manning

    This isn’t NY, there is a palmetto in #9.

  • Brian Chen

    These pictures are all fake. Not in NYC and of just models. Good work gaycities!

  • Peter

    The guy in photos 2, 3 and 4 (and others) is Sean Cody’s “Brandon.” Does this look iike fun!

  • Matthew

    sure does!!!

  • J

    Wow, I wish I was in shape enough to do this 5k obstacle course. But, alas, all I can do is watch and yell from the sidelines….. Is this a real event, or just a promo for the cities?

  • Sam

    This LGBT fundraiser race was organized at several locations around the country on Facebook. Sean Cody’s hottie Brandon is the only barebacking model competing somewhere in nearby Ohio.

  • BlogZilla

    Doesn’t look anything like New York..