PHOTOS: New Las Vegas Ads Depict Gay Utopia With The Occasional Straight Couple


As the old adage goes, whatever happens in Vegas stays in Vegas and if the city’s new tourism ads are to be believed, there’s a lot of same-sex sinning happening in Sin City. Along with some mild straight sight-seeing.


The tagline for the tongue-in-cheek ads read, “Everyone’s welcome. Even straight people.” To wit, each gay scenario features a hapless, and woefully attired, hetero couple enjoying the man and/or lady candy.


As to be expected — since it’s something that exists on the internet — the ads have already generated a bit of controversy, for either stereotyping the gays or “mocking” the straights.


But, hey, it’s Vegas. What do you expect, subtlety?

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One Comment

  • J

    Everyone allowed to have a legally recognized marriage? Not in Las Vegas,NV.