PHOTOS: White Party Scorches The Palm Springs Desert

Well another White Party has come and gone in Palm Springs. The desert was flocked with shirtless (also see: pantsless, shamelss) guys, many of whom were the same age or even younger than the party itself. And 22 years after its first iteration, the circuit destination’s crowd still seems to be strong. Here are some highlights of the weekend mayhem, abs flexed and nary a carb in sight. Bonus points for spotting a certain hollywood director known for his proclivity towards the hard-partying college aged crew.

Have you been to the White Party? Would you go back? Do you avoid it like the plague? We want to hear from you!

Photos via Lobeline Communications

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  • ronnie

    Of course a circuit party would not be complete without a reality “star”! Pathetic…

  • Angel Reborn

    -coughs- the one in the gray boxers briefs or just briefs totally has a boner -coughs- but really XD i think they should have done something about that unless people are used to it now, but im kinda not used to that so i have to point it out. 

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