Out on the town: Top Chef Ash Fulk’s New York


Ash Fulk was kind enough to step out of Bravo’s Top Chef kitchen for a quick interview with GayCities New York Editor, JJ Keyes, and to provide an inside peek at where celebrity cooks like to eat in New York and Las Vegas.

JJK: We love you on Top Chef. You’re making such clever dishes on the show. When did you start cooking?

AF: I started cooking professionally when I was, maybe, 19. Before that I used to have dinner parties for my friends in high school. Some were great–some not so great.

JJK: When did you move to New York City from California?

AF: I moved to New York in 2007. My first week here, I lived at 155 and St Nicks. One night I was coming home and I couldn’t work my key so I had to sleep on the stoop! Luckily I was broke and looked it, so no one robbed me. This city is tough but worth it!

JJK: I totally agree. How long have you been Sous Chef at Trestle on Tenth?

AF: About two years. I really love working with the (head) chef. He has a great “let’s try it” attitude. I’ve learned a ton from him.

JJK: There are so many restaurants in Manhattan. I’m always looking for a few new places to try. What are some of your favorites in the New York?

AF: I really like Nice Matin, Salumeria Rossi on the Upper West Side, CookShop in Chelsea. Gramercy Tavern of course is a favorite.

JJK: Do you know of any good places to go if someone doesn’t want to get a full dinner, but just have something light over a few martinis with a friend?

AF: I love Cassulula, a cute place with great small plates.

JJK: How about if we skip the food and just want some drinks? What are a few of your favorite bars?

AF: I like XES, great patio. My boyfriend and I (he might be mad that I say this) seem to end up at Candle Bar a lot.

JJK: I’m thinking about planning a trip to Las Vegas this year. Where should I stay?

AF: The M resort of course! On the strip, I really like the Bellagio.

JJK: How about Las Vegas bars? Any recommendations?

AF: The Double Down. Off the strip, Dive Biker Bar. Loved it! Oh and the gay bar is across the street…but I forgot its name.

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JJK: What is your favorite thing about being on Top Chef?

AF: Meeting all these amazing chefs! They were all so gracious and incredible cooks.

JJK: Is there anyone you have become especially close to?

AF: I would say that I became closest with Ashley. She is hilarious!

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