PHOTOS: Folsom Street Fair Defies Mother Nature by Heating up San Francisco

San Francisco‘s Folsom Street Fair was threatened by rain and overcast skies this year, but nothing could cool off one of the world’s sexiest public gathering, where leather boys and girls and fetishists of all stripes—plus legions of fans from around the world—were up to their annual hijinks.

More than 400,000 people crowded the 12-block radius all Sunday afternoon. We assigned the incomparable Kevin Kauer to cover all the highlights in pictures. Enjoy, and stay tuned for more Folsom party slideshows!

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One Comment

  • Puck

    Why is it that only 25% of these photos of Folsom pictured men/women wearing leather or engaged in some sort of bdsm activity? Folsom is supposed o celebrate all things non mainstream and “vanilla” but instead, you have only shown the everyday gay prettyboys. Does no one on your staff understand what the spirit of Leather than started the Folsom street events is about? If not i would be happy to lend gaycities a hand on what real leathermen and women are all about!