PHOTOS: The Top Ten Gay Beaches in the World

Pride season came and went; the 4th of July fireworks show is but a haze; and Labor Day is just a couple of weeks away. Say it ain’t so. Can summer 2011 really be coming to a close?

Farmer’s tan be damned! There’s still time to rush to the nearest body of water, strip down to your skimpy swimsuit and soak up the sun. Let’s not forget catching some glimpses of shirtless hotties. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best beaches for us to mingle with our own and do some last-minute man-spotting.

And let us know if you have some sizzling suggestions to add to our list!

Fire Island: Pines Beach

The words “Fire Island” have a certain connotation, and that connotation gets fully exploited at the Pines, especially during the summer. Fire Island Pines is home to the island’s biggest dance clubs, restaurants and shops. The beach is an extension of the area’s party mentality, and is packed with eye candy, particularly those guys you might recognize strolling down 8th Av back in Chelsea. Nudity is allowed on the shore as well but most guys prefer the fabulousness of a speedo.

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  • Chad

    No Herring Cove in Ptown?!

  • Anonymous

    No mention of Mykonos, SItges or Barcelona?

  • Anonymous

    What about Playa del Inglés in Gran Canaria?

  • Anonymous


    I must repost it!!! 😛

  • Anonymous

    The common problem with all those beaches? Too crowded. I prefer somewhere like Blooming Point on Prince Edward Island. Miles of red sand/dunes with few people.

  • Anonymous

    looking for bars drug freindly

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    elia beach in mykonos is one of the best!

  • Anonymous

    whoever wrote the articlke about “best gay beaches” in the world, really didnt research it enough. How can he leave out such great gay and nude beaches in Toronto, and Sandy Hook, NJ, Blacks beach in San Diego, and Hollywood beach in Chicago (not nude, just a ton of fun !)

  • Anonymous

    You should really add Florianopolis, Brazil to this list.

  • Anonymous

    Well if we are adding to the list and looking for somthing not crowded look into St.Barth’s French wWest Indies as a best bet. There Are two nude beaches one is very private and both are super sexy!

  • Anonymous

    The gay nude beach in Sitges, Spain near Barcelona is HOT!! as is the gay beach of Playa Ingles/Maspalomas Gran Canaria Spain

  • Anonymous

    I will be putting this dazzling isnhigt to good use in no time.

  • Anonymous

    I think this writer has missed the North American West Coast entirely, from Wrecks Beach in Vancouver, BC (mixed, but nude/pot/gay friendly) down to Blacks Beach in San Diego (save energy for the hike back up, and Laguna’s West Street Beach, and Los Angeles’ Will Rogers (aka Ginger Rogers) Beach, and up the coast…

  • Anonymous

    Can’t believe the Saugatuck Dunes aren’t in here!

  • Ryan

    There is no gay beach in Cancun. 

  • Ragelcp

    Bad information what about Ibiza ,Sitges in Barcelona and the best Maspalomas In the Canary Islands all in Spain

  • Jim James