Voyeur’s Paradise: Pics From SF’s Dore Alley Fair


Up Your Alley, the deviant younger sibling of the Folsom Street Fair, dominated four city blocks in San Francisco’s SOMA neighborhood on Sunday for a day of debauchery in the sun. Subs, doms, bears, leather daddies, exhibitionists and spectators – you name it, they were there. Some said stricter enforcement restricting “lewd behavior” put a damper on the goings-on. But that didn’t stop the crowds from having the time of their life (aren’t rules made to be broken?).


These officers didn’t seem to be enforcing the new behavior guidelines. Go figure…


There was no limit to what party-goers wore (or didn’t wear).


Some ran extra far with the “pig” idea.


Naked twister anyone?


The event was also a chance to demo the latest in bondage gear, though we’re still trying to figure the above item out…


What’s an afternoon in the sun without getting chained up and whipped?

Photos by Dan Tracer

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