Award-Winning Margaret Cho Is Just Trying to Get Some Twitter Weiner Like Everyone Else

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What’s the bi-sexual funny lady Margaret Cho thinking about this pride season? Well, for starters, she is being honored at this weekend’s L.A. Pride.

“What?! I’m only 42,” she protests. “I still have a lot to do.”

Indeed, The Drop Dead Diva television star has other stuff on her mind, too.

Of the Weiner scandal: “Hey, I stand by the photos I post on Facebook or Twitter,” she says. “We’re all just trying to get some dick.”

Poop: “Have you ever sh*t a sh*t before it’s time? It’s a sh*t you sh*t that wasn’t meant to be sh*t.”

Online porn: “I certainly partake. But I like when it’s free.”

Cameltoes: “It’s great, but you have to kinda control it. I hate when it’s all on one side.”

Her period: “It happens a little more than I’d like.”

If you’re in Los Angeles this weekend, see Margaret ride in the parade with 50 fans. Otherwise, check out the GayCities’ Pride Guide to see who’s performing where and what else is going on nationwide during this very busy pride season.

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Scott Wallis is co-host of the weekly GayCities/Queerty-sponsored Swish Edition comedy & interview talk show. He likes free porn, too.

Photo via Margaret Cho