Introducing the Next Generation of Partying Homosexuals, er Club Kids, at SPLASH Bar

GayCities photoblogger Jeffrey James Keyes checked into SPLASH last night for the Campus Thursdays party. JJ tagged along with fellow nightlife guru, BoiParty’s Justin Luke, and got up close and personal with the revelers, go-go boys, and drag queens. Campus Thursdays is 18+ on the first Thursday of every month…and the boys certainly come out to party.

All photography by Jeffrey James Keyes







All photography by Jeffrey James Keyes

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  • Shandel


  • Alekin_1

    f-in boring….cum out to the midwest for real men

  • Rob San Diego

    Im so glad I’m past the bar scene!


    next gen at splash? lol same as it ever was  though the names may have changed. photoblogger checked into splash? really….just write Fab and You Go Gurl all over this page and call it a day….a day 15 years ago

  • Mijke

    just four bottoms.

  • Guest

    Meet the next generation.  Same as the last generation.

  • Jlo

    Really quite faggy.

  • seanh02

    So what’s the big deal here? Boring plane janes compared to club kids of the 80s. Think Michael Alig. 

  • yaletownman

    Just the next generation doing what the last generation did. Out and having fun!

  • SisterUnity Divine

    What is up with this advertorial? and these are good looking young guys, but a far cry form actual Club Kids.. no costumes or make up or imagination?

  • Gene Bivins

    Internalized homophobia much, “Jlo”?

  • ShockedHomo

    OMG, I think I just turned from being a hopeless fag into a homophobe heterosexual. All these guys (except for just ONE) were so awfully ugly, disgusting and lame. Even the strippers looked like shit. And this is what they call a gay party in America? I really don´t miss much then, I guess. Come to Europe, guys and see what we have to offer. The janitor cleaning the toilets here is sexier and hotter than all these nerdy fags taken together.