DC artist Dave Peterson & L.A.’s cross-dressing Willam Belli

This week your GayCities-sponsored Swish Edition podcast welcomes Washington, DC-based screen print artist Dave Peterson to the studio. His work is cutie cartoony and he also offers his work as T-shirts and even underwear. We like his work so much, we commissioned a piece for our greenroom. You’ve got to check out BrandDave’s nifty website.

Dale & Scott also chat with the multi-talented Willam Belli. He talks about the crazy fat-female-vampire film Blubberella that he co-wrote (you’ve got to see the insane trailer at the bottom of this page); his memorable roles in Ticked-Off Trannies with Knives and Nip/Tuck; his part in the new Wonder Woman television pilot; his rockin’ band Tranzkontinental. (Willam¬†loves hanging out at Silverlake’s MJ’s Bar and Hollywood’s Jumbo Clown Room,)

Willam Belli & Willam Belli

And if that isn’t enough, the guys talk about:

  • Bowling finger injuries
  • The possible extinction of redheads
  • The gay redhead events in SanFran and NYC
  • Another True Blood star comes out as bi
  • Jonathan Bascope’s new Live My Life remix
  • What Hollywood stars made in 2010
  • Dale’s new theme song
  • The Swish Edition/AIDS Walk Washington Team (sign-up and/or donate)

Episode 130 is called Why I Otter РClam Chowder, and you should listen to it wearing nothing but a T-shirt. You can stream or download the audio from the picture below, get the audio episode free from iTunes, or stream it with the free Stitcher Radio app. Oh, and we now have an Android app, too.

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