Fire Island bartenders bare the heat

Gawker’s Brian Moylan took a camera inside Bar-Tini in New York‘s Hell Kitchen to find the hottest, most oily gay men in the world for their chance to wear nothing but a mankini all summer while bartending at the Fire Island Pines. The managers of the summer gay getaway were there holding bartender auditions for the upcoming season at the Pines.

As the video shows, being able to swing out drinks out faster than you can say “one-night-stand” is not the only requirement. You also need “a decent body,” as one of the Pines managers modestly put it. And if you look like Ryan Phillippe (?) or Mario Lopez (???), then you might just have a little advantage.

Also, aspiring Pines bartenders, you can be as slutty as you want – just as long as you can make 19 drinks in under one minute.

Photo courtesy of Gawker

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