Bare it all: Best California nude beaches


With news of California’s new policy putting a fig leaf on nude beach sunbathing, we at GayCities think it’s high time to point you toward these clothing-optional havens – while they still exist. Here’s the run-down on getting naked with your fellow man (and woman):

1. Baker BeachSan Francisco

Nude enthusiasts, don’t despair – because the very popular (and gay) Baker Beach is on federal land, the state has no jurisdiction over beach-goer’s trunks (or lack thereof). So head over to this gay haven, but make sure it’s a sunny day or the sights will be limited by the thick coat of fog that often descends over the San Francisco coast.

2. Gray Whale Cove – Pacifica

Not particularly gay, and a possible danger zone for the new policy. However, a much safer spot to dip into the water than Baker.

3. Red Rock (Stinson Beach) – Mount Tamalpias

It’s hard to imagine that visitors to Red Rock will put swim suits on any time soon. Though it does fall under CA enforcement, this beach has two factors on its side: a semi-remote location makes it an unlikely conflict zone, and a hippy contingency (ever tried to force one to cover up?).

4. San Onofre State Beach – Orange County

Already a hotbed of legal issues over nudity, this beach is likely to feel the clamp-down. That being said, Onofre has some very dedicated nudists who won’t robe easily.

5. Black’s BeachSan Diego

Largely left out of the debate is this San Diego gem. Though it is part of Torrey Pines State Beach and thus subject to enforcement, the beach is kept hidden by its access point (a dangerous hike not for the faint of heart) and spectacular cliffs.

Photo submitted by GayCities member erdalito in the July Summer Vacation Photo Challenge

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  • jasondman

    haha. love it. blacks beach is great. i went last summer.

  • ak_cruiser

    I hit Black’s Beach on any visit to San Diego, unfortunately I haven’t been there in a few years. One of my other favorite nude beaches is Laguna Creek Beach just north of Santa Cruz, that was the first beach where I finally got naked on 15 years ago. Been back there a few times since but not in the last few years. Been heading east and hitting Hallendale north of Miami, always naked, easy to get to and no hassle from the cops.

  • Anonymous

    There is a great nude beach in Santa Barbara, I believe it’s called Hope Ranch beach? Or it might be out in Carpenteria which is about 10 minutes south of Santa Barbara. Either way, great beaches in and around this town. A good place to stay if you’re visiting for a few days would be the Sandman Inn ( Really affordable and close to everything. Just a tip!

  • Anonymous

    Black’s Beach FTW!

  • Rocky

    These freaks deserve a good bashing!

  • Rocky

    These freaks deserve a good bashing!

  • Paul edensor uk

    Rocky ur a complete knob I wish u lived in England I’d knock the shit out of u as you might be an ignorant red neck who thinks he can fight but in fact your sum little pussy that on picks on weak people plz hit me up I’ll show you how a gay man can really fight

  • Sabia

    Also there’s Pirate’s Cove on the Central Coast 🙂 Probably will be fine too since it’s a small hike (down) to get to. 

  • Former_SanDiegoan

    You can walk down to Blacks Beach from Torrey Pines Beach and avoid the cliff trail completely. The only semi-rough part of the walk is a spot where a large rock outcrop goes into the water. You can either walk a narrow trail along the cliff above the outcrop for a few yards or go wade through a low point on the rock, which is slippery. Either way is better than the cliff trail.

  • Dhivyad

    hai nice