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Alaska Thunderf*ck

Alaska Thunderf*ck

1 Upcoming Performance

Alaska Thunderf*ck at Upcoming Pride Events

November 2021

Head Over Heels at the Pasadena Playhouse
Los Angeles · Nov 9-Dec 12, 2021
  • Alaska Thunderf*ck and George Salazar star in this musical based on the music of The Go-Gos.
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The music of The Go-Go’s fuels this non-stop, dance-filled joyride through magic, merriment and mischief. From the first notes of “We Got the Beat” to the final rapturous curtain call, you’ll be whisked away through a world of whimsy and wit. This jubilant celebration follows a royal family in search of a purpose, lovers in search of each other and a whole kingdom in search of a beat.
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