Sex Out Loud (Peer Dialogue)


We're Back!

Background: Sex Out Loud is a peer dialogue series which aims to change the social climate on campus by generating public discussions about sex and love. This program was developed by One Tribe Scholars working to build safe environments to investigate the separate, but very often intersecting, entities of love, sex, and intimacy.

We've changed our weekly meeting time to every Tuesdays, 6:30-8pm (Previously Wednesdays)

We'll be reintroducing the project first then enter discussion about intimacy and how it relates to interpersonal relationship dynamics. What do we want from our relationships? We'll discuss ways to develop the skills to make informed decisions about how to organize our relationships according to our own inclinations and desires.

Tuesday, February 17th
624 S. Michigan, Room 908
Columbia College Chicago, 60605
Free/Open to the public!

Can't make it? Looking for more? We've got a ton of programming outside of the Peer Dialogues. Email [email protected] to join our mailing list and receive updates about all the wonderful excursions we've got planned. In the meantime, check out February's Google Calendar below

This Semester:
We'll engage a range of topics, developing ways to become empowered with the tools to make decisions that are informed, consensual, and healthy. Through various discussions, excursions in Chicago communities, workshops and labs, guest speakers, the Sex Out Loud programs provide opportunities engage multiple perspectives surrounding:

Sexual Health
Gender Variance
Relational Styles and Structures (Monogamous and NonMonogamous)
Body Positivity
Fetish, Kink and BDSM Communities
Sex as Work
Hook-up culture
Self Love
Queer Sex/Queering Sex
Marriage and Society
Sex, Dis/Ability & Ableism

Twitter: @cccsexnerd
Email: [email protected]