Nehirim West Coast LGBT Jewish Spiritual Retreat


Come join a warm, inclusive community of 80-100 LGBTQ Jews, partners, friends, and allies, at the Nehirim West Spiritual Retreat. Explore your connection to Judaism, learn, relax, and make new friends in a pluralistic, diverse environment.

Directed by Rabbi David Dunn Bauer and Zvi Bellin, the retreat includes a variety of workshops, spiritual options, kids’ programs, and fun activities, as well as plenty of time to relax, hike, and connect. Our community includes singles, families, Super Jews, atheists, non-Jewish partners, students, seniors, and everyone in between.

March 1-3, 2013
Walker Creek Ranch,Petaluma, CA
Cost begins at just $99 incl. room &board
Financial aid & early bird discounts available
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Volunteer! Lead a workshop, discussion group, ritual, or performance: email David at [email protected]
  • Walker Creek Ranch
    1700 Marshall Petaluma Road, Petaluma
  • Friday Mar 1, 2013
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