China Pride 2010

The biggest annual circuit gay dance party in HK by (HXproduction)

This is the party we've all been waiting for! China Pride holds the record as the best attended party in Hong Kong and this year we are hosting not just one but two parties for your enjoyment. Featuring DJ Phil Romano (Headline DJ - Main Party in Circuit Festival Barcelona 2010 ), and DJ Head (G5 LUXY and Follow-Me Parties, Taipei), we promise you the best music from the international club scene, spectacular venues, and the hottest boys in town !

Phil RomanoCircuit DJBarcelona Circuit DJ 1030 82010 Circuit FestivalPhilDJ9-25 Circuit FollowMeGOGO-DJ All nite Long!9-25 FollowMePhil Romano 101 China Pride by HXproduction Pumpin UP !