Best of GayCities, 2010: And the winners are…

Here at GayCities, your opinion matters. How else would we navigate the ever-expanding gay world, if not by relying on each others’ experiences? Otherwise, how would you avoid ending up without your trunks on the wrong side of San Diego’s Black’s Beach? Or that New York’s Splash is not a movie starring Tom Hanks but actually a go-go bar where you might even run into John Travolta.

Of course, some things are self-explanatory: Sodom, Cock Fight, Broadway Bares, John Travolta… So without further ado, check out the winning results of the voting of GayCities members from around the globe (and around the corner) in “Best of GayCities, 2010: The World According to Gays.”

Cities, businesses and organizations were nominated in 40 categories, ranging from “Best Bar to Bed a Stranger” to “Best Beach to Lose Your Shorts.”

Winners include:

Due to an impressive write-in campaign by local GayCities members, Columbus, Ohio, won a special award as the “Up-and-Coming GayCity of 2011.”

And the winner of the trip to Berlin is GayCities member (and excellent reviewer) Frank Forbes (aka, ForbesMac) from New York! He is taking a lucky someone with him, so you might consider starting to get in his good graces now.

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