GayCities, 2010: The Year in Review

This could be the year we might have truly outdone ourselves. Gays were everywhere in 2010–from the biggest little city in the world to the biggest big cities we call home. How could we be missed? We wore white, we wore drag, we wore leather and (judging by these sets of photos) we were also pretty naked a lot of the time.

How could we top that? Well, now we can add military uniforms to our ever-evolving wardrobe. Yes, at the end of the day, boy oh boy, does it feel good to be gay. And it just keeps getting better.

Much to our joy, the GayCities year started with a kiss. A kiss photo challenge that is, just in time for Valentine’s Day. Matt and Bobby took home the big prize: two-night stay and romantic dinner for two at any Kimpton Hotel and Restaurant. Their photo not only captures young love at its finest, but it also features a touching backstory:

Bobby had to go back to America for Christmas break so I arranged to go too and surprise him. His parents confronted him about being in a relationship with me. Bobby told his parents that he had no intention of leaving me, so we left that night and drove to New York. Bobby had once said that when he had visited France he saw an elderly couple walking through a archway of curved branches and told me he wants the same for us in 50 years time. I noticed the trees right here in Central Park, so I told him to walk up the path with me.

*        *       *

We have to admit, here at GayCities we got a little mushy after reading that and decided to keep spreading the love for the rest of the year. We sent a party boy to WeHo, a foodie to Sonoma County and a tanned hottie on a cruise. GayCities also gave away tickets to Kathy Griffin and to the GayVN Awards. And, of course, we are right now getting ready to send one lucky GayCities member to Berlin in Best of GayCities, 2010: The World According to Gays.