Checking in with NYC’s Tupperware queen, Aunt Barbara

GayCities New York Editor JJ Keyes picked out Tupperware with everyone’s favorite relative, homemaker and international spokesmodel Aunt Barbara
Home: The Long Island
Hails from: Freeport, NY (on the Long Island)
Relationship Status: It’s enough just being everyone’s favorite relative!
Spotted on a typical New York Saturday night: In a fashionable high rise apartment demonstrating Tupperwares varied line of quality products to dozens of delighted party guests.

Aunt Barbara! It’s so fun to reconnect. What have you been up to?
Holy crap dear, so much since last we spoke. Well, let’s see, I’ve been building a successful Tupperware business throughout the NY tri-state area. I was featured in New York Magazine, Newsweek and MSNBC. I’ve also formed my own company, Aunt Barbara Inc., and have been working with a creative team to develop my own line of novelty products.

We hear you are the top selling Tupperware consultant. How did you get in the business?
In 1995 I attended a Tupperware demonstration party at my sister’s home. I absolutely loved the product line and the whole concept of the party. The Tupperware consultant was lovely and informative and the games were fun. She made it look so easy and I thought: if she can do it, so can I. I signed up to sell but didn’t really get going until 10 years later. It’s changed my life!

When is the best time to hold a Tupperware party?
Holy Crap! Anytime is a good time for a Tupperware party! I do them at all times of the day and all seasons. Friday and Saturday night parties do tend to be the most outrageous. After a hectic work week, people really love to unwind and have fun.

What are the hottest Tupperware items for the holidays?
Tupperware has a line of serving products that look like fine cut crystal. The “Ice Prisms” are both beautiful and practical.

Any Tupperware items gay boys should know about specifically?
Oh yes dear! The Tupperware Fashion Lunch sets are perfect for the health conscious and fashion forward. The Large Sports Bottle is a must have for anyone who goes to the gym. It has a removable base with a secret compartment to store keys, money, snacks or phone numbers.

What was the best Tupperware party you’ve hosted?
Oh my I’ve done over a thousand at this point. I don’t really have a favorite, but I do have memorable moments. Like the time my wig got caught by the blade of a ceiling fan. It flew off and landed in the lap of an elderly guest. She initially screamed, and then laughed so hard she stood up and wet her pants.

The AuntBarbara Channel on youtube is one of my personal favorites. What was your favorite video to shoot?
I have to say that the Fondue video was so much fun. My friend and creative director Paul and I had quit a few laughs during the filming. The “Keep Tabs” video is another personal favorite–I enjoyed showing my fans another side of Aunt Barbara.

Any big plans for the winter?  
Oh winter is my busy season. I have a full line up of parties and a few quick getaways planned to warmer climates. In January I’ll be heading to Florida for a few days, Las Vegas in February and Hawaii in March. I love being busy but can’t stand the cold weather.

Does Aunt Barbara have a favorite NYC restaurant?
The 21 Club and Sardi’s are always a hit with me. Tea and Sympathy is a great place to get a cup of tea and some spotted dick. My new favorite is Flex Mussels in the village. They make a mean crab cake and the lobster roll is outstanding. However, I do miss Scrafts, Mama Leone’s and Horn & Hardart’s Automat.

Favorite NYC bar?

When I’m not enjoying a martini and a deviled egg at Bar5F on the 5th floor of Bergdorf Goodman, I can often be seen sipping a cosmopolitan and listening to the piano at the Duplex.

What’s on your holiday list this year?
A bottle of Harvey’s Bristol Cream, Jean Nate after bath splash and a rich old man.

What is your favorite thing about December?
When they’re not pushing and shoving each other down in the department stores, people are generally a little nicer and kinder to one another during the holiday season.

Say we’ve been naughty this year. We have a few weeks until Christmas, what can we do to make sure Santa stops by?
Try to make up for being naughty by doing an anonymous good deed. Donate to charity or volunteer your time to a worthwhile cause. If after that, Santa still doesn’t stop by, write to him and ask him what the hell his problem is.


  • xristod

    I love my Aunt Barbara!! I miss her so!
    Happy Holidays

  • isaac82

    what a funny queen. do you perform anywhere, Barbara? You should do a show at Therapy or something.

  • thad4phila

    Don’t forget the Maxi Cake-Taker is also a great way to store your tools!