Swish Edition: Underwear designer Andrew Christian

Post by GayCities Washington, DC, editor Scott Wallis

The cast of the Swish Edition, I must admit, has a bit of an underwear fetish. That’s one thing that Dale, Jason and I have in common. Besides our passion for gay podcasting, of course. We’re always thrilled to discover a fresh, sexy new pair that emphasizes our best assets! So it was with great pleasure that we chatted with underwear designer Andrew Christian this week.

Andrew (can you imagine having your name plastered on bums everywhere?) talks about how he got started, Los Angeles as a great place to find drop-dead gorgeous models, his Weho flagship store, and where he likes to hang out in Southern California, like José Andrés’ The Bazaar at the SLS Hotel Beverly Hills, the must-stop Abbey, and St. Felix for their great happy hour prices. He also recommends a hike around the Hollywood sign to escape the city and usual tourist trappings.

Also on Episode 106: The latest developments in the DOMA and DADT fights; whether the word “tranny” should fall into the n-word category; why Madonna, Jim Carrey, Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick have stepped up as even stronger LGBT allies.

Of course we’re calling this episode, “Underwear.” And now you can stream or download it from the player right here on GayCities. You can download it free on iTunes. Oh, and it sounds best if you listen in your…you guessed it…underpants!

Photos courtesy of Andrew Christian.