6 big fetish festivals in the US you’ll want to add to your k*nky calendar 

Pig Week Fort Lauderdale 

Pig Week Fort Lauderdale (Photo: Supplied)

This wild gathering came about after its founder visited Europe and was blown away by some of the kinky parties he visited. 

“Pig Week Fort Lauderdale got its start after I went to some of the more sex-centric events in Europe and realized that there was nothing like it here in the United States,” Chad Bush told GayCities in 2019. “The ones that we do have are more genre-specific.  

“I try to remain true to my tagline ‘All men are pigs,’ allowing people from all different segments of our population to have a space to explore their inner pig.”

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He says he doesn’t think all men are pigs, just the ones who want to attend the event. To this end, he tries to make sure they discover a safe space to explore their wildest fantasies. 

Pig Week Fort Lauderdale launched in 2015 and has grown year-upon-year (pandemic withstanding) Expect leather events, pool parties, cigar socials, gym sessions, underwear parties and even naked shopping sessions. 

The 2022 festival runs from November 25th – December 4th. The 2023 festival will run November 24th – December 3rd.

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