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Year Two – S Arif & Indern N – Mumbai, India

I have often claimed that my most favourite Elska travel experience was Mumbai. It was hot, it was crowded, it was at times chaotic, but it was always fascinating. Above all, Mumbai was full of amazingly kind, curious, and generous people.

Interestingly, a lot of my memories of Mumbai revolve around tea. Like when Aarash K took me on a back-of-a-moped tour of his neighbourhood and stopped at a fancy café for a chai. Or when Vinamra S and I strolled to visit his favourite chaiwala. Or when Namit K’s mother made us a cup of homemade chai and brought it into his bedroom right in the middle of the naked part of our photoshoot!

My most lasting memories of Inder N (on the right) however don’t revolve around tea. He made a beautiful small bag that I carry with me to this day on every photoshoot. I haven’t forgotten any of the men I’ve shot for Elska, but his gift helps me remember him more than most. Thank you, Inder! And I hope to visit India again one day, if only I could choose which city!

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