Since Bermuda has banned gay marriage, here are 10 beach alternatives that will welcome (and marry) us

Platja de la Bassa Rodona

The push for legalized same-sex marriage in Spain largely began in 2004. The law officially took effect in July 2005.

Perhaps the most popular of Sitges‘ beaches, Bassa Rodona is never devoid of pride flags or queer couples. While the atmosphere makes it a popular queer destination, it’s the balmy climate and sweet ocean breeze that makes this Spanish beach worth a visit.


Platja De La Bassa Rodona

Popular gay beach

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Beach 19/Stop 19

In June 2010, Portugal officially legalized gay marriage.

As if being a gay beach wasn’t enough, Praia Naturista 19 is also a nudist beach. There’s a lot more to take in here than expanses of sand and water if you know what we mean.


Praia naturista 19

Nude beach? Gay beach!

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Castel Plage

France got final approval to a bill to legalize same-sex marriage in May 2013, signing the measure that had met great challenges from the country’s conservative opposition party.

There isn’t enough space or time to tell all there is to tell about the beauties of Nice. If ever there was a place to watch a sunset, it’s got to be Castel Plage. With the classic beauty of a French town behind you and an open expanse of blue-orange sea and sky before you, there’s no comparable beauty on Earth.


Castel Plage (Beach)

Private, gay-friendly beach

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