5 reasons to check out the golden beaches of San Juan now

Hurricane Maria ran roughshod through the tropical Caribbean paradise in September 2017.

Despite nearly $100 billion in damage and the loss of thousands of lives, the territory–waterfalls, tropical rainforests, white sand beaches–is once again up and welcoming LGBTQ travelers to its shores.

San Juan, in particular, welcomes a rainbow of visitors, boasting multiple lively gay clubs, a white-sand gay beach, beach-front boutique hotels and some of the best local cuisines in the world. Show your support for the rebuilding efforts while enjoying an unforgettable trip that is just a hop, skip and jump from the mainland.

Here are five things to enjoy in San Juan now…

The Beach

San Juan

Ocean Park

Local hangout

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The Nightlife

San Juan

Circo’s Bar

Gay nightclub

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The Local Cuisine

San Juan

Bebo’s Café

Local favorite

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The Accommodations

San Juan

Condado Ocean Club

Breathtaking ocean views

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Old San Juan

San Juan

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