‘Norm!’ – 9 gay bars where everybody knows your name

2. Numbers Cabaret – Vancouver, BC

If you’re on the hunt for a fun and wild time in Vancouver, you absolutely must experience the glory that is Numbers Cabaret. As the longest-running gay bar in the city, it emulates a dynamic, colorful and welcoming vibe! For nearly 40 years Numbers Cabaret has created a space that allows folx to relax and fully express themselves. With rainbows adorning everything from the entryway stairs, to the drinks themselves, you will be inspired by the bright and welcoming atmosphere.

Surrounded by palm fronds, bright flowers, and sparkling lights, the patio encourages lively conversation and glittering laughter. Start your evening strong by grabbing some drinks and savory treats in this vivacious outdoor courtyard. Don’t forget to spend some time inside enjoying the waves of music, dancing, and delectable cocktails though!