Let’s go shopping! 4 Palm Springs spots to thrift for fem fits

Iconic Atomic

@iconicatomicvintage Vintage cabana sets now in stock! Modeled by @lobo_of_steel #PalmSprings #Vintage #VintageStore #VintageFashion #Tiki ♬ Mr. Moai’s Mash – Jason Lee and the R.I.P. Tides

Iconic Atom is a vintage goldmine. Well-known and beloved in the Palm Springs area, Iconic Atom specializes in retro fashion.

And we don’t just mean shirts and dresses. No, this place has vintage sewing patterns, footwear, décor, and art. Entering the store can feel like being taken back to another time— where Dior’s “New Look” and The Jetson’s reign as the pinnacles of popular culture.

You can absolutely find everyday wearables here, but why would you want to? Vintage enthusiasts and accessory snobs will find everything they want within these walls.

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Iconic Atomic

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