5 sexy speedo brands that guarantee summer beach fun

The arrival of summer–plus Pride season–means everyone has opportunities to take their shirt off.

This weather phenomenon makes it easier to recognize all those torsos on Grindr, so we’re not complaining. You can’t celebrate gay culture without the proper attire, and Pride season calls for your sexiest speedos. For once, less is more. 

While you’re deciding what Prides you’ll be traveling to this year, we rounded up five thirst-approved brands that will fashionably accentuate the gayest thing about you. 

1. Dsquared2

The best way to sell swimwear is to have the models take said swimwear off. Dsquared2’s “Viva Latino” 2022 beachwear campaign celebrates Latin culture in its best light: somewhere exotic under a shower. The brand fuses luxury with streetwear and features models Sergio Perdomo, Nacho Penin, and Michael Yerger wearing the collection (and not wearing it) in Mykonos, another favorite travel destination. We call dibs on rubbing sunscreen. 

2. Modus Vivendi

Modus Vivendi’s newest sparkly Luminous Swimwear Line channels the aesthetic of shiny disco balls. Reimagined with metallic polka dots and lustrous pied de coq patterns, if you’re looking to bring glam to the beach, these 80s-inspired briefs will deliver. The low-rise fit will welcome others to party by the sea with you, whether in Fire Island or Miami

3. Andrew Christian 

The Zara of gay undergarments, Andrew Christian gets most of its marketing free from their jockstraps being featured so often on OnlyFans. They also employ some of the biggest Onlyfan stars as ambassadors. It’s a reliable option for affordable speedos at varying degrees of conservatism and styles. Their Pride-inspired swimwear collection ensures the Pride flag is not the only rainbow getting attention this year.

4. Dolce & Gabanna 

Luxury fashion has always embraced a homoerotic aesthetic. Dolce & Gabanna, the founders whose retrograde believes cause us to avoid purchasing the brand, encourages us to channel our hot Italian summer with their provocative designs and bedazzled briefs. You, too, can show off the most sparkly bulge at the party for $675! NOT! This year’s beachwear campaign takes place in Capri, and the models’ abs alone have us reaching for our wallets and passports before remembering, just no.

5. Calvin Klein 

Underwear and swimwear are practically interchangeable this season. If a classic look is more your style, Calvin Klein offers traditional designs with a modern fit. Pete Davidson being their latest brand ambassador will also surely inspire the next generation of lanky, tall men to be rocking their Calvin’s this summer. The “This Is Love” campaign celebrates families. We love this tribute to queer parents and chosen families because what would Pride floats be without all the Dilfs and chosen Daddies? The clothing brand also announced that it continues partnering with the PFLAG National and Transgender Law Center, supporting its mission of advancing equality.

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