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Top 5 places to see (almost) naked guys in Las Vegas

The team at Piranha. Photo courtesy Piranha Nightclub

Strip shows, gogo dancers, burlesque, call it what you will, Las Vegas is filled with performers who dance around in various states of undress. The “Las Vegas showgirl” shows from years ago—featuring topless women wearing giant headdresses—have mostly closed and are now a part of history. But the legacy lives on, as tourists still come to the city looking for some on-stage skin and scandal.

There are many male strip shows in Las Vegas, but they are more for the bachelorette party scene, and gay men haven’t been a welcome presence at some of them. However, there are lots of excellent opportunities for gentlemen to catch sight of male pecs and bums and bulges galore.

Here are our 5 top places to see sexy guys on stage in Las Vegas:

Piranha Nightclub

Photo courtesy Piranha Nightclub

Piranha is one of the big gay clubs in the Las Vegas Fruit Loop, the strip of bars and clubs that cluster along Naples Street, east of The Strip. Piranha is beloved by Las Vegas locals, thanks to the drag shows, the big dance floor, and those gogo dancers on boxes. Piranha is known for employing some of the most beautiful (and fit!) men in Las Vegas.

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Mystère by Cirque du Soleil

Cirque du Soleil shows are famous for having sexy performers—it takes a lot of muscles to do those tricks—and Mystère is one of their best. This show has been in Las Vegas at Treasure Island Hotel and Casino since 1993, and it continues to draw audiences with a combination of beautiful acrobatics performed by beautiful people. Look past the Spandex, and the show is a stunning production of acrobatics, with more homoeroticism than the volleyball scene in Top Gun. Among all of the Cirque shows in Las Vegas, Mystère is a classic. And the men are hot.

Charlie’s Las Vegas

Photo courtesy Charlie’s Las Vegas

Charlie’s is promoted as a gay country music bar, but every night has a different theme of music, from dance to hip hop to whatever the DJ feels like playing. Wednesday nights are particularly scandalous: customers in their underwear drink for free, which is always fun. But whatever is going on, Charlie’s has some of the sexiest male gogo dancers in Las Vegas, dancing on the bar and on boxes. This club is a lot of fun.


Naked Boys Singing


Who knew that a show called Naked Boys Singing, which opened in West Hollywood in 1998, would live on to become one of the most successful gay theatrical productions of all time? The show is pretty self-explanatory: male performers take to the stage and perform a collection of original songs about coming out, penises, boyfriends, and porn. There is no plot, but the songs are fun and the actors really can sing (usually). Because this is Las Vegas, the “boys” who get naked, and yes they really get naked, are often quite fit and lovely. Past cast members include OnlyFans star Chris Salvatore.  This Las Vegas production of Naked Boys Singing, performed on a small and simple stage at the Erotic Heritage Museum, has been extended several times, and hopefully, it will continue to sell tickets. (The Erotic Heritage Museum is surprisingly interesting, so allow some extra time to visit the exhibits there as well.)

Aussie Heat

The male strip shows in Las Vegas are generally (although sometimes slowly) warming up to welcoming people of all genders to sit in the audience. But Aussie Heat has been at the forefront of that thawing process, as they were one of the first shows to send their dancers into the audience to gyrate on top of men and women alike.

Of course, if men in the audience have some money to share, the dancers are much more eager to wiggle their way over and provide some gender-equality attention. It should be noted that Aussie Heat hires their dancers based on actual dancing ability, and the hip-hop choreography is legitimately good–adding an extra level of entertainment. Aussie Heat is a refreshing change from some of other Las Vegas all-male revues. But don’t worry. They still show some bare butt.

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