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Pack your cowboy boots for a hot and friendly weekend in Nashville

3 friends at a gay bar.

Hold the phone — the bible belt is gay-friendly? Maybe not every area, but the kind folks of Nashville proudly welcome the LGBTQ+ community. Ready for some southern hospitality and a foot-stompin’ good time? Grab your cowboy hat and brush up on your line dancing, times are changing in Music City, USA.

Nashville neon lights at night.

Nashville and music go together like butter on toast. It’s what Nashville is all about. You’re welcome to go anywhere in the city and check out the music scene, but we suggest you come along with us down Church Street for starters… Nashville’s hottest gay nightlife area. Here you’ll find welcoming bars full of comfort food, cocktails to loosen you up and bring out your flirty side, and music that never stops.

It’s hard to make it to every fabulous Nashville gay destination in one trip. But hey, if you’ve got the stamina, go for it. We won’t judge. Here’s a look at a few places we think can’t be missed. As a bonus, they are all within walking distance of each other in Nashville’s Midtown area.

HiFi Clyde’s

HiFi Clyde’s Nashville

Burgers, brisket, fried chicken, yum 1700 Church St · Nashville, TN 37203
(615) 432-2928

First things first, let’s fill your tummy. There’s sure to be plenty of drinking when out in Nashville, along with sweaty dancing to burn calories with your hot new friends. Head out to HiFi Clyde’s where you’ll find the type of menu that makes us all head south…burgers, brisket, fried chicken, and even a vegetarian burger option for our health-conscious friends.

After you’ve filled the hole, get the party started with some shots for dessert. Clyde’s offers eight “candy shop shots” that taste and sound innocent enough but are sure to make you feel like the hottest thing since sliced bread, so please space them out a bit before you start buying rounds for the room.


Tribe is a laid-back yet happening gay bar with pool tables, sexy mood lighting, and a rowdy crowd that’s ready to party. It’s the kind of place people come to socialize. As a perk, Tribe, along with Play (another gay bar we’ll look at) both recently spent one million dollars renovating to make your gay night out even more pleasurable. Yay!

After your long day of traveling or your dinner out, Tribe feels like an oasis and the perfect kick-off to the weekend with their two-for-one cocktails (advertised as get off and get cocktail’d). Grab your partner or a soon-to-be queer nightstand, and sit down with a couple of martinis in hand. From drag shows to bingo, and DJs to karaoke, you’ll never wonder why you bothered to wander in. Just slow down on the martinis…we have a few more stops ahead.


Nashville’s original video bar 1517A Church St · Nashville, TN 37203
(615) 329-2912

Play Dance Bar

Play Dance Bar

Everyone’s friendly, everyone’s welcome 1519 Church St · Nashville, TN 37203
(615) 322-9627

Loosen up at Tribe, then step outside, make a turn, and you’ve arrived at Play Dance Bar, which as we mentioned, is newly renovated, making it fresh and ready for you and your friends to make some serious memories. If you love an outrageously hot and entertaining drag show, along with a night of dancing, you can’t miss this place. The name says it all – come to play. And play you will.

Play is known for its incredible dance floor, perfecting for making new friends. Even when it’s packed, which is what we all love, there’s always room for more. They’ve got one of the longest lists of DJs who know how to keep the crowd alive, and the best drag shows Nashville has to offer. As a bonus, their bartenders keep us coming back with their charming, good looks and outgoing personalities (plus they know how to make your favorite drink.) Get out and play, then head to one last bar to cool down.


Canvas is the queer hangout spot when it’s time to chill. You’ve danced the night away, as you should, and now it’s time to decompress and chat with your friends about all the numbers you collected. The eclectic style and classic dimly lit bar vibe of Canvas makes it easy to cool down and relax.

Canvas has long been known for strong drinks, great food, and a casual vibe. Like many LGBTQ+ bars, Canvas wants everyone to feel welcome and they do a good job of it. Sip a cold one along with their bar food items that stand out amongst most bar food. For example, pulled pork tacos with parmesan truffle fries. Yes, please. There are also classics like chicken wings and pulled pork potato skins. You’ve worked up an appetite and Nashville isn’t the place to watch your waistline. You’re on vacation – enjoy.

Still in a party mood? Canvas often has Karaoke, live music, and video dance nights. Whether ending the night with old friends, new friends, or the love of your life, Canvas feels like a home away from home.

Canvas Lounge

Attention to detail 1707 Church St · Nashville, TN 37203
(615) 320-8656

White Limozeen

Dolly Parton-inspired rooftop bar and restaurant 101 20th Ave N · Nashville, TN 37203
(615) 649-7239

We’ve seen some camp interior decor in our time, but this is something else. The Graduate Nashville has opened a Dolly Parton-inspired restaurant and rooftop bar, and it’s a veritable pink palette of fabulousness.

Get Some Sleep

Okay darlin, all good things must come to an end. Food, music, dancing, and who knows what else you’ve done, all lead to a need for some shut-eye. We recommend you stay not only in the heart of the action while visiting Nashville, but in a hotel that oozes southern charm and history. For us, that’s The Hermitage Hotel. The Hermitage is LGBTQ-friendly and full of sophistication and style (just like you).

“Meet me at the Hermitage” is a fun little phrase often whispered to the regulars in Nashville. Its elegant presence has graced Music City since 1910. Often described as graceful, hospitable, and even pampered pet friendly, the Hermitage is a place for romance and celebrations, and just steps away from everything Nashville has to offer.

Is romance the furthest thing from your mind? That’s okay. Stay at The Hermitage for the convenient location, and beds that make you feel like you now understand the meaning of self-care. As you can imagine, their restaurants and bar offerings feel like a vacation themselves. But if you’re feeling extra cozy, they offer room service.

The Hermitage Hotel

A grand luxury hotel 231 6th Ave N · Nashville, TN 37219
(615) 244-3121
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