PHOTOS: Relive Andy Warhol’s infamous NYC parties at ‘Factory’ closing night

To celebrate the closing of Andy Warhol’s Photo Factory, VICE Media took over Fotografiska New York. The sold-out event resurrected the storied spirit of Andy Warhols infamous “Factory” parties, complete with DJ sets, live music, and immersive theatrical talent.

By Ajay Suresh/Fotografiska New York

The party took place at Fotografiska New York, a branch of the Swedish photography museum bearing the same name, inside the famed Church Missions House. This historic building, at 281 Park Avenue in New York‘s Flatiron District, was recently featured in the hit Netflix series “Inventing Anna.” Looking at these photos, this party definitely fits the luxurious, exclusive vibe the character Anna Delfey was striving for at her social club, ADF.

Last look at the “Photo Factory” exhibition at Fotografiska New York. Photograph by Alexander Harold


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All photos provided by VICE Media and Fotografiska New York

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