PHOTOS: Take a walk down this amazing Atlanta rainbow path

Matthew Terrell (right) and helpers create the Atlanta rainbow path
Matthew Terrell (right) and helpers create the Atlanta rainbow path 

A unique, LGBTQ-inspired art installation will be viewable in Atlanta this weekend. The 1,000-feet long Atlanta rainbow path is the creation of artist Matthew Terrell, with the assistance of Atlanta Pride. It’s been created as part of the city’s ELEVATE Atlanta arts festival.

Large blocks of the sidewalk in Rose Circle Park, on the Westside Trail of the BeltLine, will feature the colors from the Rainbow Pride flag. Over the course of the installation, as people walk over the sidewalks, the colors will blend into a “Living Rainbow” which keeps on changing the more viewers walk over the work.

Creating the Atlanta rainbow path
Corn starch and other eco-friendly ingredients went into making the temporary path 

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Artist Terrell and some helpers laid down the basics of the design earlier this week. He’s excited to see how it might change, especially as rain is forecast this week. He told GayCities: “I’m hoping by the time this weekend comes the sidewalks will be swirly rainbow-patterned.

“Also, as part of the event this weekend, I am going to lay down a lot more color, including some contrasting colors, to add even more dimension. This will truly be a living rainbow.”

Artist Matthew Terrell
Matthew Terrell in front of his ‘Living Rainbow’

Eco-friendly Atlanta rainbow path

The eco-friendly colored powder used in the design is thanks to corn starch and other food-safe and cosmetic-grade natural colors. But if you want to see you, you’d better hurry: the path will be viewable October 29-31 only, with city officials washing it away after that time.

In a press statement, a spokesperson for Atlanta Pride said, “The purpose of this project is to give Atlantans a monumental-sized rainbow, as an acknowledgment of our city’s long history of supporting LGBT+ rights.”

Unfortunately, a rise in Covid cases forced the cancellation of Atlanta Pride earlier this month. “Our hope is to give the community ways to engage with a message of Pride even if we can’t have a full festival,” said the spokesperson.

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The Atlanta rainbow path is not the first time gay artist Terrell has done work for Atlanta Pride. In 2019, he produced “The Hate Shield,” for the festival. A mobile soundproof wall, it acted to block the sound of hate preacher’s megaphones from broadcasting into the Pride festival.

Check out the Atlanta rainbow path in Rose Circle Park, 900 Rose Cir SW, Atlanta.

ELEVATE Atlanta has been organizing festivals annually since 2011. This year’s festival focuses on a different section of the city each weekend. This weekend–the final weekend–features artwork in the southwest of the city.

For more details about ELEVATE Atlanta and its other associated public artworks, check out its official website.

Photos by @jmonique26, provided by Matt Terrell

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