Did somebody say bottomless mimosas? Top 10 drag brunches in the US

We love drag brunches. You love drag brunches. But where are the best places to catch a drag brunch? Luckily, there’s an answer to that.

Last year, Nasty Gal released a survey that ranked the top-rated drag brunch venues in the US. After some deliberation, we came up with our top ten.

Did your city’s favorite drag brunch make our list?

1. of Love & Regret

Baltimore, Maryland


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In a statement to GayCities, owners Leigh Philipkosky & Ellie Skinner said they were flattered to be featured so highly: “What makes of Love & Regret so special is that we are committed to our community and making it an enjoyable place for all to live. We are committed to inclusivity. Drag Brunches are particularly fun here because our staff is inclusive and so are our guests. People of all kinds come to of Love & Regret and it is our privilege to be a part of something that brings people together.”

2. Lookout

San Francisco, California


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The Lookout’s Lips and Lashes Drag Brunch host a rotating cast of diverse talent. The queens here do it all: burlesque, live vocals, and dancing, of course. They’ve also got a range of specialty brunch cocktails which we highly recommend if you like a boozy Sunday afternoon pick me up.

3.The Artemis

 Washington, D.C.

Artemis in Washington DC
Artemis in Washington DC

The DMV’s very own Artemis is a drag brunch hotspot. The show, which is called the Synful Drag Brunch in the Heights, happens every Sunday. The queens that perform here are local favorites with some new talent popping up every now and then. If kicking and spinning queens can’t tempt you then maybe the bottomless mimosas can.

4.Mad Myrna’s

 Anchorage, Alaska


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Alaska, you may not be a queer hotspot, but we had to give some love to this drag brunch gem. Mad Myrna’s shows are top-quality, and their menu, which includes vegan and veggie options, is not playing around. Don’t forget to bring some cash because you’re gonna be begging to tip these queens!

5. Mangoes

Key West, Florida

On the prettiest little patio in the Keys, Mangoes has its Drunken Drag Brunch. It’s exactly what it sounds like: sweet, fruity cocktails, and plenty of mimosas to go around while local queens perform in the Florida sun. Make sure to check out their website or social media to get tickets in advance.

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6. R House Wynwood

Miami, Florida


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This is a drag brunch you’ll remember. R House Drag Brunch is called the best in Miami, and they’ve earned the title. The queens here put on shows, they give drama, and the more you drink, the better it gets. However, make sure to make reservations early, because tickets are in high demand and they go fast.

7. Vertigo Fusion Kitchen

Columbus, Georgia

Vertigo’s drag show has a delightfully on the nose name: Queens and Cocktails Drag Show. Do we really have to tell you what to expect? We can’t tell which look better, the queens or the cocktails, but both will ensure you have a good time. Check out their website to see when the next show is.

8. Lips

New York City

LIPS in New York
LIPS in New York City (Photo: LIPS)

Lips has been hosting their Broadway Drag Brunch for over 25 years now. They know what they’re doing. Having said that, many consider this the best drag show in the city, with queens that perform their asses off! We all know that NYC queens don’t play around, and these girls are no exception. You’re gonna wanna make sure to reserve your tickets a few weeks in advance, because these shows are constantly sold out.

9. Troy Beer Garden

Troy, New York


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New York gets another point for state with the best drag brunches. Troy is a relatively new venue, with a new way of doing things. Their drag brunch has big names, including Drag Race alum. Tickets also include an open bar, and, of course, brunch. These events don’t happen all of the time, so make sure to keep an eye on their website and socials to find out when the next one is.

10. Chill Bar

Palm Springs, California


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Chill Bar’s drag brunch is appropriately titled AMAZING Sunday. With some of the top performers in the biz, Palm Springs doesn’t let down. And the queens here include some sickening local talent and Drag Race stars. Tickets are affordable, and cocktails and bottomless mimosas are both available.

Best Drag Brunches by state

If you’re curious about which states had the best Drag Brunch Reviews, check out Nasty Gal’s map below.

States offering the best drag brunches in the US
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