Seven gay, married couples share their honeymoon travel adventures

Love to travel? Make sure you find a partner who shares that passion, as these people did.

Steven and Dmitrii

Steven and Dmitrii exploring Gran Canaria’s volcanic landscape (Photo: @beardedhusbands)

“We are Steven and Dmitrii (@beardedhusbands). Steven is from Canada, and Dmitrii is from Russia, but we live in Oslo, Norway. We got married in Oslo city hall in September 2019.

“Our honeymoon (or a honeyweek) was on Gran Canaria, right after 2020 began, at the beginning of January. It was a really great trip, we rented a car and traveled over the island in three days, visited small towns, villages and national parks.

(Photo: @beardedhusbands)

“We spent also a couple of days just relaxing on the beach. Because of the low season, we visited the Aquapark and the zoo, and it wasn’t crowded at all. We think it’s a beautiful destination where one can find different attractions, both for active and passive vacation.”

(Photo: @beardedhusbands)

Lukas and Victor

Victor and Lukas in Costa Rica Photo: @lukas_around)

“I’m Lukas (@lukas_around), my husband’s name is Victor. We are based in Barcelona, Spain. We got married in Barcelona. Originally we had our wedding planned in Prague at I’m from Czech but because of Covid we just had a small wedding where we live. It was basically just signing papers and getting on a plane for our honeymoon.

“We did six weeks in Costa Rica. In Spain, you get 15 days of extra holidays for getting married – a great benefit!

Victor and Lukas in Costa Rica (Photo: @lukas_around)
Victor and Lukas in Costa Rica (Photo: @lukas_around)

“Costa Rica was fantastic. I think it’s a great honeymoon destination. Pure nature, you have beaches, forests, mountains and a lot of unique animals. When we were there last September-October it was basically empty so it was great and much cheaper. Overall the country is not so commercialized so it was a really great experience connecting with nature.

“Costa Rica is not a 5-star resort kind of place. There are some fancy hotels, but in general, it’s rather smaller hotels and more basic services. It’s more about the nature rather than some artificial sparkles.”

Ben and Todd

Exploring the summit of Haleakala, Hawaii
Exploring the summit of Haleakala, Hawaii (Photo: @benkapow)

“I’m Ben Powell and he’s Todd Tan (@benkapow and @toddingtontan). We’re based in St. Louis, Missouri, USA and we were married in the Central West End neighborhood of St. Louis.

“We honeymooned in Hawaii. We spent about two weeks on the islands with our time split between Oahu, the Big Island, and Maui.”

Wil and Josh

WIl and Josh in Palm Springs (Photo: @wilcope4)

Wil Cope & Josh Rodriguez are based in Bushwick, Brooklyn, NYC. They got married in Bushwick on October 10, 2020.

“We honeymooned in Palm Springs, California. We stayed at the Santiago Resort. It was amazing. Our first and only trip since the pandemic (until this weekend). It was a very relaxing and romantic getaway.”

Palm Springs
(Photo: @wilcope4)

Glenn and Ben

Ben and Glenn in Mexico (Photo: @therealhousehusbandofclt)

“Our names are Glenn and Ben King. We are based out of Charlotte, NC. We got married on October 3, 2020, at The White Home in Rock Hill, SC which is about 30 minutes from Charlotte, NC.

“We left for our honeymoon two days after our wedding,” Glenn told Gay Cities. “We had planned to stay at Banyan Tree Mayakoba in Riviera Maya, Mexico for ten nights. The villa was absolutely beautiful. Unfortunately, we received a call later that day of check-in from the front desk stating that Hurricane Delta was anticipated to hit the resort.

“We were given several options and had first intended to travel back to the states. We had looked to fly anywhere in the states but weren’t able to locate a flight back. So the next afternoon we were placed on a bus that the hotel chartered to transport us to a sister property, Hyatt Regency, in Merida, Mexico.

“We stayed there for two days with a lot of rainy weather while we had planned our next steps. We had an overnight connecting flight in Mexico City which then led us to Puerto Vallarta. We had spent three nights at Almar LGBT Luxury Hotel. The service was wonderful there. We were then chauffeured to our next hotel called Imanta in Punta De Mita. Imanta would be our favorite resort we visited if we were to pick one.

Ben and Glenn on their extended Mexico trip (Photo: @therealhousehusbandofclt)

“We stayed at Imanta for two nights before heading to our final destination. The remainder of our trip was spent at W Punta de Mita.

“We loved immersing ourselves in the culture of the various stops through Mexico. Our original ten-night honeymoon turned into 16 nights, 17 days with five flights, one bus ride, six hotels, and multiple transports to visit the four Mexico states for our revised honeymoon.”

Carlo and Michele

Carlo and Michele in Singapore (Photo @husbandstravelling)
Carlo and Michele in Singapore (Photo @husbandstravelling)

“We’re a married couple from Milan, Italy. We got married on the 8th of September 2017. The marriage took place in a beautiful location called Tenuta Acquaviva in the Brescia countryside, the famous Franciacorta, where the famous wine is produced.

“For our honeymoon, we went to Singapore first, and then we visited Thailand. It was a wonderful journey and lasted almost three weeks. We enjoyed the different cultures, the hospitality, and the marvelous landscapes of those lands. We also enjoyed a lot the food, Pad Thai, especially is always in our memories.”

Carlo and Michele in Thailand (Photo @husbandstravelling)

Alex and Ricky

Alex and Ricky (Photo: @ourboystory)

Alex and Ricky Camardelle-Floyd live in Atlanta, Georgia, where they married.

“We honeymooned in Paris, France in 2017. It was the most romantic experience we could have ever imagined. The city was picturesque the entire time. Being there as newlyweds was like a fairytale!”

You can check out more highlights of their trip via the video below.